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About us


A Company's History

"AETEH S.A." was founded on 30/04/2001 as a Technical - Commercial - Informatics Company. The Founders of the Company have long and extensive experience in all areas of its activity. Most of Employed Engineers have Special Authorized Degrees from Greek Ministry of the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works (M.E.P.P.P.W), so they have the ability to execute any kind of Public and Private Projects of any budget.

Our company authorized as an Public Contractor Company on 05/03/2002 which acquired a 2nd class Contractor's Certificate for the categories Construction - Plumbing - Road and 1st class for the other categories of projects. With the completion and publication of the 1st Balance Sheet of the Company, the existing Contractor's Certificate was updated and we applied for a third-class Contractor's Certificate of the Company. On 18/12/2003, our Company acquired a 3rd class Contractor's Certificate for the categories Building-Plumbing-Manufacturing and 1st class for the rest. After completing three years our Company re-updated and after merging with NEDA TECHNIKI SA on 12/03/2007, the Company acquired a 4th grade Contractor's Certificate. The budget limits per category for the 4th grade amount to 7,500,000.00 €. Therefore, our Company could be able to take part in auctions of Buildings with a budget of up to € 10,000,000.00.

On 18/03/2010, was approved by the competent Committee of the Ministry of the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works the upgrading of our Contractor's Certificate from the 4th to the 5th class. This upgrade, expressed in financial figures, corresponds to a project execution capacity with a budget of € 22,000,000.00 per kind of execution.

Along with Public Works, our company has also built a number of private building projects, especially apartment renovations. 

Also, through our associates, we undertake the process of subsidizing construction where provided by Greek Development Law. 

 Our company is staffed with the following scientists: 

1) Koutsovoulos Evangelos, Mechanical Electrical Engineer 

2) Kifonidou Athina, Surveying Engineer 

3) Konidaris Panagiotis, Civil Engineer 

4) Borbolis Victor, Mechanical Engineer 

5) Mihos Spyridon, Civil Engineer 

6) Ristani Elias, Civil Engineer 

7) Ristani Elinda, Civil Engineer 


Sarantaporou 6 Maroussi,
Greece 151 25


Phone: +30 210 6180791 - 3
Fax: +30 210 6180794